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[GreenYes] Permit or Licensing Fees for Haulers

Hello All -

Can you please let me know if anyone has ever compared what various
jurisdiction charge haulers to permit or license them to operate within
their City/County? Or if you would be willing to share with me the fees
that your jurisdiction currently charges - per truck, type of truck, or
however you define the terms of various permit fees. I know some permits
are issued to allow trucks to use various transfer stations, or disposal
facilities, but I'm more interested in what they charge just to allow them
to conduct business.

I would also be interested in finding out if any of the revenues from
these fees are used to cover the jurisdictions' recycling program costs,
or what other costs may be covered or justified for charging any
substantial permit/license fees, like for example truck inspections,
public education, etc.??

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much,

Christine McCoy
Solid Waste Planner
City of Alexandria
703/519-3486 ext. 132

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