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[GreenYes] Re: Earth Day movie suggestions

Here are some movies that we showed last year.

Craig Barry
ERC, Ketchum ID

Rivers and Tides by Andy Goldworthy (90 Min)

This amazing documentary from Thomas Riedelsheimer won the Golden Gate
Award Grand Prize for Best Documentary at the 2003 San Francisco
International Film Festival. The film follows renowned sculptor Andy
Goldsworthy as he creates with ice, driftwood, bracken, leaves, stone,
dirt and snow in open fields, beaches, rivers, creeks and forests. With
each new creation, he carefully studies the energetic flow and
transitory nature of his work.

Tuesday April 26th
Butterfly by Doug Wolens (80 min)

Living in an ancient redwood tree for over two years to prevent the
tree from being clear-cut, Julia Butterfly Hill captured our hearts and
minds by showing us that one person can make a difference. Through
interviews with Hill, filmmaker Doug Wolens paints a portrait of an
intensely spiritual and articulate woman who encountered both beauty
and horror (she was assaulted by lumber company helicopters at one
point) during her time above ground.

Wednesday April 27th
Alaska: Spirit of the Wild: IMAX (40 min)
Explosive glaciers, the celestial fires of the Aurora Borealis, the
beauty of the polar bear and the deadly hunt of the wolf pack, are all
here in this epic adventure into the grandeur of Alaska. Narrated by
Charlton Heston.

Anima Mundi (30 min)
Director Godrey Reggio presents a vibrant, visually compelling look at
the animal kingdom in Anima Mundi. Anima Mundi states in its epitaph,
"the breath, the life, the spirit, the soul of the world" embodies a
more mysterious existence, from sea to mountain top. There is such
beauty and grace in the movement and exoticism of animals that this
30-minute short serves as a cautionary reminder by celebrating
everything we, as humans with our omnipotent sense of superiority, seem
intent on destroying over time. "The world is indeed a living being,
endowed with a soul and intelligence," wrote Plato, and Anima Mundi is
glorious, gorgeous visual proof of that maxim.

Thursday April 28th
On the Wings of the Monarch (47 min)

"On the Wings of the Monarch" is an exciting nature documentary that
follows host Libby Graham on an amazing journey into the life of the
monarch butterfly. We travel to an incredible monarch over-wintering
site in Mexico where we find close to 40 million monarchs. This
documentary provides the viewer with an in-depth look at the enigmatic
monarch butterfly, tracing its incredible long distance migration and
its fantastic life cycle. "On the Wings of the Monarch" will fascinate
children and adults alike.

The Last Ancient Forests (10.5 min)
James Redfield, the author of the bestselling book The Celestine
Prophecy, travels to Oregon in this 10.5-minute video to discover
whether the ancient forests can be saved. America's virgin ecosystems
have been systematically logged and are almost completely gone.
Redfield explores the crisis and shares what needs to be done to
restore the forests. This concise, beautifully filmed documentary (with
music by Red Thunder and Bryan Lloyd) will most likely preach to the
converted in its plea to get the Act to Save America's Forests passed
into law. While this brief video could have benefited from more
narration and less subtitling, it is an excellent teaching aid and
introduction to the condition of America's natural forests. --Jenny

Naomi Yaeger wrote:
> I saw that movie. I liked it!!!
> Christine.McCoy@no.address wrote:
> I second that recommendation. It's a GREAT film!
> Christine McCoy
> <dkramer@no.address>
> Sent by: <GreenYes@no.address> 01/18/2006 07:52 PM
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> "GreenYes" <GreenYes@no.address> cc
> Subject
> [GreenYes] Re: Earth Day movie suggestions
> Megan,
> Another one that comes to mind is "The Gods Must Be Crazy" from 1980.
> For more info on it, see
> General gist is a tribe in Africa receives a glass bottle from the
> sky, and finally meets the modern, tech-rich world. "Misery is brought
> to a small group of Sho in the Kalahari desert in the form of a cola
> bottle. In his quest to throw the evil object over the edge of the
> earth, Xixo encounters Western "civilization," a haphazard doctor and a
> tyranical despot."
> Interesting take on the differences between the "1st world" and the
> "3rd world" and who really is happier.
> Debby
> San Carlos, CA
> Visit the website above to see my latest photos
> "To take the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole
> staircase: just take the first step."
> Martin Luther King, Jr

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