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[GreenYes] FW: [BBAN]: Recycling in Atlanta

Dewayne Johnson, Executive Director of the Iowa Recycling Coalition asked me
to post this note to the Green Yes Listserve.

Patricia Franklin
Executive Director
Container Recycling Institute
1776 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20036-1904
Tel.(202) 263-0999 Fax: (202) 263-0949 and

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On Behalf Of Dewayne Johnson
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 2:42 PM
Subject: Recycling in Atlanta

Did anyone else see the note in today's Mobius from NRC?

New Alliance Formed to Collect Recyclables in Atlanta

The plastics, aluminum, and newsprint industries united on America Recycles
Day to kickoff a program to increase recycling throughout the Atlanta area,
which will host NRC's 25th Annual Congress & Expo, October 22-25, 2006. SP
Recycling brought together the American Plastics Council and aluminum
manufacturer Novelis Inc., along with the Coca-Cola Company, to provide
convenient recycling drop-off locations at 50 locations throughout metro
Atlanta for plastic bottles, aluminum cans and old newspapers. The program
was announced at the Atlanta Zoo, the program's first location.

It's great that they're getting something going, but I thought that BPEC
(and, thus NRC, based on everything that we've seen to date) was encouraging
enhancing and developing more curbside programs - not drop-off collection.
Sounds like some conflict between recommendation and implementation.

Dewayne Johnson, Executive Director
Iowa Recycling Association
2742 SE Market Street
Des Moines, IA 50317

515.265.1596 (phone)
515.265.6690 (fax)

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