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[GreenYes] Re: Where in the World have Governments adopted Zero Waste?

Here is my start of a list. Please add to it.

California, USA ZW Communities
Del Norte County
San Luis Obispo County
Santa Cruz County (including separate adoption of ZW as a goal by 3 of the 4 cities)
San Francisco City and County
Burbank (informally)
Palo Alto
San Bernardino County Zero Waste Communities (informally)
San Diego County (Citizens Advisory Committee only)
San Luis Obispo County
Sonoma County (Local Task Force, citizens committee only)
State of California, Integrated Waste Management Board

Other USA
Boulder, CO
Carrboro, NC
Central Vermont Waste Management District
New York City (Citizens ZW Plan developed, but not adopted by City)
Seattle, WA

Other North America
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nelson, British Columbia
Regional District Kootenay Boundary, British Columbia
Smithers, British Columbia
Cowichan Valley, British Columbia
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Toronto, Ontario

South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina


New Zealand
Over 50% of the Cities
Country adopted ZW as a goal



Candon City, Philippines (and other cities in Philippines)
Kamikatsu, Japan
Kovalam, India

At 06:46 PM 12/6/2005, Gary Liss wrote:
Apologies for Cross-Postings

This is becoming one of the most frequently asked questions I get. I'd like to post a list on the ZWIA website of:

1) Local governments that have adopted Zero Waste as a goal
2) Local governments that have adopted a Zero Waste plan or program

I'd like to list this by country.

Please reply to the listserve with any lists of such governmental action, so that we can compile it on the ZWIA website.

Thanks to all that can help!


Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 08:37:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Timothy Logan <timothyjwlogan@no.address>
Subject: Where in the World have Governments adopted Zero Waste
To: Warren Snow <wsnow@no.address>, Gary Liss <gary@no.address>
Cc: Barbara Warren <warrenba@no.address>

Warren and Gary,

Recent discussions with members of the NY City Council have raised the question of just where Zero Waste policy or goals have been adopted by governments. While I've certainly rattled off some of the better known ones - I was hoping that one or both of you could provide me with or direct me to a somewhat comprehensive list. Please let me know asap - please reply all so as to speedily pass this information to my colleague, Barbara Warren, who co-authored <>Reaching for Zero our model plan for NYC.

Timothy J.W. Logan
Lead Organizer, NYC Zero Waste Campaign

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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