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[GreenYes] Thanks for 2005 and now let's kick it up a gear in 2006!

Attention GreenYessers. "The Zero Waste Movement has left the station"- and
now we need to shout it from the rooftops! All across the world, and in
progressive American communities, people are now acting upon the idea of
"moving toward Zero Waste" in their work and personal lives.

We all know that the concept of Zero Waste is one of the few points of green
light in the future that offers economically workable systems for the
future. We also know that it addresses our immediate concerns about the
deadly toxic chemicals in our water, air and bodies, and the continuing
destruction of our natural world. Now it's time to make sure everyone else
in America knows it, and your help is needed to make that happen.

The GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) is the national voice for this
important global movement, and it's my honor to be able to ask you today to
become a financial supporter. We ask only once each year, and when we ask
we really mean it! We need money to keep the movement going forward.

GRRN is the progressive network in America for recycling, composting, reuse,
producer responsibility, clean production and citizen action. We have a
fantastic new Executive Director, Linda Christopher, a batch of new
visionary and dedicated Board members, and we are charting a course in 2006
that will bring you: (1) a compilation of ZW Best Practices; (2) workshops
on how ZW Communities can make progress; (3) online education opportunities;
(4) continuing action on our lawsuit against the EPA and their blind support
for bioreactor landfills; (5) continuing upgrading of our great ZW Website,
and much more.

I am asking on bended knee with hat in hand for a donation that is
significant to you. Zero Waste has a hopeful vision for the future and is
worth every penny you send.

So please, go to our website, <>, and
click on the donation button and you can choose whether to give support with
a check or a credit card.

Thank you in advance, and may peace grow in this coming holiday season,

Eric Lombardi

GRRN Board President

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