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[GreenYes] MBA Polymers new plastics recycling plant in China

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From: "Ralph Ryder" <Ralph.Ryder@no.address>
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 16:25:40 -0000
press release from june 2004. FYI

News Release
June 2004

MBA Polymers and Guangzhou Iron and Steel Joint Venture Holds Major Groundbreaking Event for New Plant in Guangzhou

(June 25, 2004) - MBA Polymers, Inc. (MBA) of Richmond, California, USA and Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprises Holdings, Ltd. (GISE) of Guangzhou, China celebrated the beginning of the construction of their state-of-the-art plastics recycling facility in the Nansha Development Area of Guangzhou, China, with a major groundbreaking ceremony.

The new Joint Venture, called GISE-MBA New Plastics Technology Co. Ltd. (GMP), will process highly mixed plastics from the recycling of durable goods such as appliances and electrical equipment. This recycling is taking place on a very large scale in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Korea and all over Europe, where the producer- responsibility and take-back recycling legislation has been implemented. China has also announced the introduction of such legislation.

GISE and MBA held the official groundbreaking ceremony at the 18,000 square meter site in the Nansha Development Zone of Guangzhou on which GMP will build a 40,000-ton per year plastic recycling plant. The Nansha Development Area is one of the most rapidly developing economic zones in China and GMP will be joined by a new Toyota automobile plant, a GISE-JFE (large Japanese steel company) joint venture 400,000 ton per year steel plant, Honda and BASF. In fact, GE Plastics' largest compounding plant in China is nearly next-door.

Many distinguished guests including Mayor Chen Mingde of Guangzhou and Deputy Consul General Linda Donahue of the U.S. attended the ceremony.

Speakers included: GISE Chairman, Jinxi Yuan, GISE President, Wang Cheng Li; MBA CEO and cofounder, Dr. Mike Biddle; Guangzhou Vice Mayor, Mingde Chen; and US Deputy Consulate General, Ms. Linda Donahue.

All of the speakers noted how this JV represented an important business for both companies but also provided significant social and environmental benefits as well. The speakers pointed out that the benefits extended beyond the Guangzhou boundaries and out to many generations to come. The speakers noted that this plant will set a very positive example for China and the rest of the world, especially as China is putting increasing G emphasis on the environment.

In conversations after the official ceremony, Dr. Biddle provided some examples of the benefits that are particularly important to China:

"China is the second largest consumer of plastics in the world and imports more plastics than any country in the world. Its need for plastics is also growing faster than any country in the world. Rather than build expensive and energy-consuming chemical plants, our company provides a way for China to make the plastics it needs for its growth but at significantly lower economic and environmental costs."

Two examples of the environmental benefits include:

1. Similar to aluminum recycling, MBA's process consumes much less energy than it takes to make the equivalent amount of plastics from traditional chemical plants. This significant benefit will obviously become even more important as oil becomes more scarce and expensive.

2. For every single ton of "new" plastics replaced, 2-3 tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is kept from being emitted into the atmosphere! This has significant implications for the entire world as global warming is beginning to cause significant changes to the environment and life on our planet.

Dr. Biddle said: "This is an industry-changing event. It will soon become clear to many others than just MBA Polymers that building more sustainable plastics businesses is in the best long-term interest of the industry and is a very attractive approach to producing plastics, both from an economical and environmental perspective."

About MBA Polymers, Inc. (MBA)
MBA, located in Richmond, California, USA, operates a state-of-the-art research, demonstration, and commercial plastics recycling facility. MBA is considered the world leader at the recycling plastics from end-of-life durable products. In 2002, MBA won the 2002 Edison award for Innovation and was identified as one of America's Most Innovative companies by Inc. magazine.

About Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprises Holdings Ltd. (GISE)
GISE, with sales of well over $1 Billion USD annually, is the largest company producing steel in Southern China. The company has its headquarters in Guangzhou, capital of the Guangdong Province. Besides operating steel mills, GISE was the first company in China to establish a metal shredding and recycling operation and is the largest importer of scrap steel in Southern China. GISE is further diversified into nonferrous metals and other business activities.

Additional Information: Dr. Mike Biddle, CEO, mbiddle@no.address,
510-231-9031, ext. 101.

A short background on the opportunity and business is provided below. More information can be obtained from MBA's website: Higher resolution photos available on request at: mbiddle@no.address

Background on the business and opportunity
Billions of pounds per year of this equipment are already being shredded to recover the metals. What remains after the shredding and metal recovery processes is billions of pounds of mixed plastics. These highly mixed plastic streams represent a valuable resource, but are too complicated to be recycled by traditional techniques and are usually land-filled or incinerated.

MBA has worked for over ten years and invested over $28 million to develop its state-of-the-art technology and this new plastics business. Over those ten years, MBA has worked with government agencies and trade organizations around the world, the plastics industry, and the largest computer, electronics, appliance and automobile companies in the world to provide a better home for the plastics from end-of-life durable products and to provide the manufacturers with "green" materials for their new products. These efforts help create more sustainable manufacturing activities in all of the connected industries: automotive, appliances, computers and business equipment, electronics, and plastics.

MBA has operated several generations of a large pilot plant at its headquarters in Richmond, CA, for over six years, and has produced and sold plastics on a commercial scale. This new plant, however, will be the first large-scale commercial plant using its advanced technology. MBA considers this announcement a major milestone in the company's history.

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