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[GreenYes] Local and Municipal Zero-Waste Initiatives

Apologies for Cross-Postings

From: David Jaber <djaber@no.address>

A team I am working with on behalf of the City of Palo Alto, CA is conducting a survey for concrete examples of local government initiatives to design-out and/or eliminate waste, beyond recycling.

Source reduction and waste prevention policies and programs qualify under this definition. Recycling of materials would not.

We're particularly looking for policies and programs that would be considered part of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) or Product Stewardship programs. As examples, potential actions for local governments have taken that would make a difference at the local level might include:

? Product bans (e.g., mercury thermometers, switches and thermostats; food packaging containers; products banned by DTSC in CA from landfills unless they have an industry-established takeback system in place by a set date)
? Voluntary takeback programs (like Ottawa's program, see <> )
? Mandatory manufacturer takeback programs (like NYC's proposed ewaste bill)
? Mandatory retailer takeback programs for difficult to recycle materials
? Environmentally preferable purchasing guidelines that specify source reduction and extended producer responsibility (EPR) issues
? Precautionary Principle for local government purchasing
? Garbage rate structures that give ADDITIONAL discounts for businesses meeting specified EPR goals (e.g., taking back products, achieving 90%+ reduction in waste, eliminating more than 10% of waste generation through redesign of products or processes)
? Deconstruction Policies and Ordinances
? Adaptive Reuse Policies and Ordinances for commercial and residential construction
? Promoting and developing electronic material exchanges

For any community examples that come to mind, please provide what you have of the following:
- Name of locality
- Brief description of initiative
- Results of initiative (successes, barriers, etc)
- Specific laws, policies, regulations, and program write-ups that can be used as examples
- Contact for more information (e-mail and phone)

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at: 510-849-5467 x3 or djaber@no.address We will share our results with all those who participate in this survey.

Thank you for your participation.

David Jaber
Natural Logic

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