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[GreenYes] Value of garbage contracts in the US

This reporter is looking for a figure on how many billions of dollars the
garbage industry makes. I think it might help her if the figures are
broken down by state and by garbage/recycling.

If you have this information or can point her to some websites, please
send the response to her email address.

She is on deadline for an issue going to press the end of this week (Dec.


Ann Schneider
Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Zero Waste Committee
Mtn. View, CA

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From: "Vrinda Normand" <vrinda@no.address>
To: schneiderann@no.address
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 17:29:20 -0800
Subject: garbage money
Message-ID: <fc.000f4bd400ed46ea000f4bd400ed46ea.ed46eb@no.address>

Hi Ann,

How many billions of dollars a year does the garbage industry make? Do
you know where I can find this figure?

Vrinda Normand
Silicon Valley Metro Newspaper

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