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[GreenYes] The matter of multiple copies of emails in the digest

In the last digest there were 3 copies of the note that Neil Seldman send out, 2 copies of the response Eric Lombardi made to it, 3 copies of Gretchen Brewer's post, and 6 - count 'em SIX copies of Ann Schneider's post. I almost didn't notice that I had a post way down the bottom after all this.

For those of us who read the digest (or attempt to read it - with great difficulty since most of the digest consists of reposts), can everyone do one thing this new year? Don't reply to Green Yes. Put the email address for Green Yes into your address book and just create a new message using the nickname. If you have to reply, please delete unnecessary parts of previous posts and give your reply subject a new name. Our eyes, servers and hard drives will thank you.


Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Educator
New York City

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