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Re: Recycling plastic flower pots


With the new group on Google, I can't see Will Clarke's email address
so could you please forward this to him?

In Oregon, we have a company called Agri-Plas that specializes in the
recycling of agricultural plastics, including pots, trays, hay-bale
twine (polypropylene), seed bags, and the plastic film used on
greenhouses. They have worked out ways to clean these materials
sufficiently to be able to sell them. One of their main markets for
plastic nursery pots is the companies that manufacture new pots.
Plastic pots and trays are not made of only one material though.
Polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene are all used. Some are
blow-molded, some are injection-molded, and some are thermoformed,
which means that you have a fairly wide variety of resins and resin
properties to contend with.

Here is a link from an EPA web site that further describes Agri-Plas:

There is contact information for Dari Jongsma, President of Agri-Plas,
at the end of the EPA article.

Note- Agri-Plas Systems in Canada is an unrelated company.

Peter Spendelow
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Pat Franklin wrote:
> GreenYes.....
> I realize that this listserve is regrouping and there may be very few who
> will see this, but I'll take my chances. We got an email from someone today
> who has a landscape and gardening business and wants information on how to
> recycle plastic flower pots. I have cc'd him on this email so if anyone has
> information, please pass it along to Will Clarke.
> Many thanks,
> Pat Franklin
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> Executive Director
> Container Recycling Institute
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