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RE: Why Google?

Dear Chris B,

Thanks for your interest in GreenYes.

I chose google because:
a. It is free.
b. It inserts no advertising in our posts.
c. It hides email addresses from email harvesters
in the automated archives.
d. It allows people to easily subscribe
and unsubscribe themselves a number of ways.
e. It allows for a number of methods of delivery
that members have been asking for.
f. I don't have to worry about the server going down.
g. It is not a news list, but an email list.
h. Our list broke on the website, and I got
tired of trying to fix it.
i. GreenYes list is part of
GrassRoots Recycling Network. If GRRN wants
to offer more than a list, it would mean
a larger allocation of time and resources.
I suspect that would be a board decision
and not mine.

While it might be imprudent to change the
list to another venue again so soon,
I'm interested in hearing what other venues
you would suggest.

But I'd rather hear about them
_off list_ since it is not an appropriate
list topic.


Chris S.

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Subject: Why Google?

While the switch has occurred, I am wondering if Google is the best free "portal" email service to manage the list. While I may
have missed the full range of options on Google, I know that other free services provide options for uploading files, conducting
polls, setting up data-bases and so forth that could be useful to people that particpate/reveiw the emails. If Goodle does not
provide a more "robust" service, another list management site might serve everyone better in the long run.

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