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[GreenYes] Paris Resource Recovery Park Conference, 5/31-6/2, 2006

Apologies for Cross-Postings
The exhibition on resource recovery parks & recycled raw materials
31st of May to 2nd of June 2006 - Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles - France
Nouvelles Ressources?
Inexorable waste growth, its harmful impact on our environment, increasingly restrictive European and national directives, insufficient recycling plants and infrastructures, the growing cost of managing waste... All these factors lead to a major opportunity for those local, regional, or national authorities and wider stakeholders who realise that waste is also a source of "secondary raw materials". This source remains largely untapped, despite offering significant value add and considerable market potential.

Waste is resource. Let's create wealth from waste

In order to preserve the environment and engage in long-term development, and considering that 50% to 70% of waste is a potential resource, local authorities and their partners can involve society, businesses and cities in major innovations to stimulate economic growth. By harnessing this vast and under-utilised resource at hand, local authorities and their partners have an opportunity to develop new economic activity and long-term job creation.

Resource recovery parks are at the heart of the opportunity

New generations of resource parks are flourishing throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. These vibrant centres of activity enable local economies to establish new dynamics for managing waste collection, processing and sale of resources derived from household, municipal, industrial and corporate waste. They also help to effectively develop prevention and educational activities around the environment, re-use, repair and resale of popular consumer goods, and last but not least, it helps sustain new local businesses.

NOUVELLES RESSOURCES will be an opportunity to assemble all the key players in the secondary raw materials market sector in one place over a 3 day period.

Why a show case on resource recovery parks & secondary raw materials ?
Nouvelles Ressources?

Resource recovery park
6000m2 show case for professionals to demonstrate their know-how, expertise, technologies and services leveraging the "3Rs": Reduction, Re-use, Recycling.

1 - Voluntary contribution centres, tanks, handling containers and waste collection vehicles.

At home, in residential areas, in high-rise buildings, at workstations, in corporations, commercial zones, administrative buildings, etc? professionals' know-how, services, and equipment available to local authorities who wish to develop and facilitate selective waste collection, voluntary waste sorting and its transportation...

2 - Recycling industry players
Professionals buying secondary raw materials for their own production needs: paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, metals, organic waste, textiles, construction materials...

3 - Professionals and equipment to prepare, treat and exploit raw materials locally
Handling, dismantling, reconditioning, transforming, grinding, crushing, granulation, sieving, sorting, evaluating, separating, stabilising ?the technology and equipment, small local units? to derive value from plastics, textiles, organic waste, construction and de-construction waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, papers and cardboard, glass and ceramics, used wood, soil and mud, bulk waste.

4 - Approved businesses and organisations that manage "Extended Producer Responsibility"
Organisations mandated by industry players to collect and extract value from packaging, tires, electrical and electronic components, oils, batteries, heavy metals, paints, toxic waste...

A show case bringing together major players
involved in exploiting recycled raw materials

5 - Associations focused on consumer issues, and social solidarity and environmental issues

Expertise, experiences and undertakings of community organisations which can partner with local communities and industry in order to support development of local prevention and sustainable development policies targeted at citizens, schools, local businesses, enterprises,?

6 - Education, public participation and communications professionals
Consultants, training companies, agencies? specialised in public participation, training and prevention communication, eco-conception, recycling, composting? and more generally about sustainable managing of recycled raw materials.

7 - Study and research centres, and universities
Eco conception, material evaluation, product lifecycle? organisations leading studies on
materials, channels, environmental impacts and new markets opportunities.

Nouvelles Ressources?

Throughout the exhibition, plenary conferences, thematic workshops, partner workshops and roundtables will allow delegates to exchange and share the best experiences in terms of resource parks and local exploitation of secondary materials.

1 - "Resource Recovery park" programmes
- The 10 rules to successfully launch a resource park
- Resource parks and long term job creation
- Resource parks to sustain new local enterprise
- Successful business models for resource parks
- Efficient Management models for resource parks
- How to target secondary raw materials markets, and what are the benefits?
- Practical case studies: 5 remarkable best practices
- And much more

2 - "Local exploitation of secondary raw materials" programmes
- Developing recycling collection programs in high-rise living
- Next generation voluntary contribution centres and waste sorting
- Local opportunities for exploiting plastics/ textiles/ glass, etc
- And more

An "Advisory Council" representing all the major players involved, will finalise the show case programme, will also invite international players who bring experience of setting up resource recovery parks in their own countries.

A show case to share experiences from France,
Europe and the world

Specifically targeted participants

And major media coverage
A major media coverage plan including press, radio and TV will create awareness while a mailing programme will target following decision makers :
- Local elected representatives and local public sector executives and technical staff of the 2000 French interurban communities
- Mayors of localities with more than 10 000 inhabitants
- Chairmen and local public sector executives in charge of the environment at the General Councils
- Presidents and elected representatives of 26 French regions
- Leaders and technical staff from management and waste processing syndicates
- Recycling industries
- Services executives from major corporations
- Presidents of environmental non profit organization.

To find out more?
- To take part in the Advisory Council in charge of the show case and the exhibition
- To become a NOUVELLES RESSOURCES partner
- To book a stand on the showcase or to organise P.R.

Didier TOQUE - Trade show manager
Laurent LOUIS Managing director
Tél : +33(0)1 46 94 06 93
Email : info@no.address

Nouvelles Ressources?
3 rue de Vanves - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt - France
Tél +33(0)1 46 94 06 93
Fax +33(0)1 55 20 95 29

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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