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[GreenYes] FYI: The October issue of Temas news

The Oct. 2005 issue of my free monthly newsletter on consumer & EHS policy
developments in Latin America & the Caribbean just went out. Several
Greenyesers already receive this (and I apologize to them for having to read
about what they?re already acquainted with). While the Oct. Temas news
contained fewer briefs focused just on waste and recycling than most months,
I think nonetheless some of the EHS topics might interest list members:

Uruguay Bans 9 POPs

Brazil: Bill Introduced to Amend Environmental Information Access Law

Brazil: São Paulo Creates Special Environment Court

North America: CEC Releases for Comment Draft Action Plan on Lindane/HCH

Mexico: Bill Introduced to Empower SEMARNAT to Revoke Certain Permits

Mexico: Another Bill Introduced to Provide Tax Breaks for "Clean" Cars

Mexico: Bill Introduced on Environmental Responsibility

Mexico: Bill Introduced to Restrict Use of Pesticides & Fertilizers

Peru Finally Has a New General Environment Law

Brazil: RJ Bill Introduced on Recycling Edible Oils

Mexico: LGEEPA Amendment Proposed for Emissions Certificates

Argentina: Bill Introduced on Use of Leaching with Toxics in Mining

Mexico: Procedures Published for Approving Greenhouse Gas Reduction/Capture

Argentina: Mendoza Bill Introduced on Cyanide & Mercury Use in Mining

Peru: Bill Introduced to Create an Environmental Prosecutor

Colombia: MAVDT Releases for Comment Draft Decree on Air Quality

All of these individual news items can be read (free) on the Newsroom
portion of my site,
. If you?d like to receive a free copy of the Oct. issue, or any past issue
of the monthly summary, please e-mail me directly [keith.ripley@no.address]
or news@no.address, and I?ll send them along. If you want to sign up
for FREE future issues, simply enter your email address in the slot on the
lefthand side of any page on the Temas website.

Best Regards,



Sr. Keith Edward Ripley

Temas Actuales LLC

telefono: 703-813-6016

telefax: 703-813-6017

celular: 703-731-7108

e-mail: <mailto:keith.ripley@no.address> keith.ripley@no.address


Autor del libro "Solid Wastes and Recycling Policy in Latin America & the


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