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[GreenYes] CRI addresses the BPEC conclusions & process

The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) has just added a page to our website
about the Beverage Packaging Environmental Council (BPEC), and about the
role of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) in the BPEC process. We
invite you to access it at:

The webpage summarizes the events leading to the formation of BPEC, and
provides downloadable documents from the NRC and BPEC, as well as CRI¹s
commentary on the BPEC process and its research and conclusions. Included
are our letters and memos to Scott Vitters (Environmental Manager,
Coca-Cola; BPEC Chair; and At-Large member of the NRC Board of Directors
Executive Committee), Kate Krebs (NRC Executive Director; BPEC facilitator),
and the NRC Board of Directors stating our questions and concerns.

Although the BPEC Update and FAQ¹s posted on NRC¹s website in early November
addressed some of our questions about BPEC findings and the process, BPEC
and NRC have not yet:

* Made point-of-consumption data available for outside review, even in an
edited form;
* Answered questions about the legal and fiscal relationship between NRC and
* Upheld NRC's pledge to include all stakeholders in addressing beverage
container recycling;
* Made concrete recommendations to increase container recycling, or set
goals and dates; or
* Suggested who will pay for new recycling and/or public education programs.

CRI hopes that this webpage (and a message board on it) will stimulate
dialogue in the recycling community, and will spur NRC, BPEC, and other
stakeholders to adopt publicly stated, aggressive, and quantifiable beverage
container recycling goals, and strategies to achieve these goals.

For more information, please contact
Pat Franklin, CRI executive director, at (202) 263-0999
Jenny Gitlitz, CRI research director, at (413) 684-4746.
> Pat Franklin
> Executive Director
> Container Recycling Institute
> 1776 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Suite 800
> Washington, D.C. 20036-1904
> Tel.(202) 263-0999
> Fax: (202) 263-0949
> Jennifer Gitlitz
> Research Director
> Container Recycling Institute
> 2 Pomeroy Ave.
> Dalton, MA 01226
> Tel. (413) 684-4746
> Mobile: (413) 822-0115
> Fax: (413) 403-0233
Email: jenny.gitlitz@no.address

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