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Counselor magazine's "Wearables Style" e-news

Hot Pants Indeed
Ever feel like you're packing your pockets like you do the kids? lunch? But instead of
PB&Js and bananas you?re loading up with cell phones, PDAs, iPods, digital cameras, etc.
And if that wasn?t bad enough, the batteries needed to operate those gadgets doubles the
weight of everything. Fortunately, this struggle may be ending. Konarka Technology, the
maker of Power Plastic, which coverts light to energy, and Textronics, a manufacturer of
electronic textiles, are joining together to develop ?garment and fashion accessories with
portable, wearable power-generation capabilities.? Translation: clothing that actually
generates power. While the prototypes are still a few years off, it?s another sign that
future consumers will be getting more from apparel than comfort and style.

Dan Weisenbach
Columbus, Ohio

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