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[greenyes] E waste computer recycling

For you who have been on this list for a while I use to recycle shipping pallets and make them into planter boxes.
I was know as Oakplanterbox. Kris Copenhagen Male not Female.

New time New need.

I have started E-WASTE NORTHWEST in Portland, OR.
Here is my question.

When a person recycles a monitor or computer. Do they know really where it goes?

Monitors and electronic waste in a big business in the Asian, India, and Africa market.
Buyers pay anywhere from $7.00 a monitor up to $10 a monitor and there is 950 monitors to a container depending on the size of the monitor.
This is not recycling this is exporting are waste some place else and making a big profit.

I do not practice this type of recycling.

Not all e waste is exported out of the United States but a lot is. True recyclers dismantles and separates this type of waste and send it to the appropriate place for recycle.

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