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[greenyes] "green-e" alert--pressure to certify garbage incineration as a "green" power source

Many of you probably already know that the green-e people (out of the "Center for Resource Solutions" in San Fran) have set themselves up a certifiers of "green" energy sources. As far as I know they are purely self-appointed but have considerable influence in this area (links below).

(More than they deserve, IMO. In negotiations in Philly over standards for the Mid-Atlantic, they locked the enviros out of the room and invited Enron reps to vote by phone ... but that is another issue.)

Green-e is moving from regional standards to a national standard and has been going through a "public comment" process. When one recently closed it turned out that the burner people had nuked the process with numerous recommendations that garbage incineration be recognized as a source of green power.

To it's credit, green-e is having another cycle of public comment, closing on October 19, 2005. Details below.

It may be important that those concerned about incineration participate in this comment process.

Best regards,

Alan Muller
Green Delaware
From: "Siobhan Doherty" <siobhan@no.address>
To: "Siobhan Doherty" <siobhan@no.address>
Subject: Green-e National Standard Second Comment; Comments Due: 10/19/2005

Dear Green-e Stakeholders,

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments during the 1st comment period
for the proposed Green-e National Standard. CRS received 47 comment
ballots. These comments are all available in entirety for review on the
Green-e Web site:

Green-e received a considerable number of comments on the following three

1. Municipal solid waste;
2. Coal co-firing; and
3. New renewables.

In response to the comments that we received in these three areas, Green-e
staff are considering revisions to portions of the Green-e National Standard
as proposed on August 10, 2005 and are soliciting stakeholder comments on
proposed revisions.

Green-e is considering all comments received during the first comment period
and has had internal discussions and conversations with the Green-e Board on
other issues. However, for these three issues in particular, Green-e felt
that our proposed revisions were significant enough to warrant additional
stakeholder input before these issues were brought to the Green-e Board for

Please find the following documents for the 2nd comment period attached to
this email:

1. National Std. Green-e 2nd Comment Background.pdf
2. National Std. Green-e 2nd Comment Ballot.doc
3. National Std. Green-e 2nd Comment Summary.pdf

The 2nd Comment Ballot is due on October 19th, 2005. Each stakeholder has
two weeks to consider the proposed modifications and complete the 2nd
Comment Ballot. Only comments that are submitted using the Electronic
Comment Ballot will be considered official comments. Also, please note that
all comments will be posted on the Green-e Web site.

For your convenience, all of the information for the 2nd Comment Ballot is
posted on the Green-e Web site at

If you have questions about the proposed changes, the ballot, or the comment
process, please contact Siobhan Doherty at (415) 561-2118 or

Thank you for your participation and attention in this process.

Best Regards,

The Green-e Team

Ms. Siobhan M Doherty
Center for Resource Solutions
Policy Analyst
Green-e Regional Representative - Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and International
Presidio Building 97
PO Box 29512
San Francisco, CA 94129

Alan Muller, Executive Director
Green Delaware
Box 69
Port Penn, DE 19731 USA
fax (302)836-3005

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