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RE: [greenyes] Zero Waste at the Sierra Club Summit Conference


I'm not able to attend the Summit, but am still interested in helping an
form a SC zero waste entity. Please keep me posted, and have a great

Pete Pasterz, Central Michigan Group

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Subject: [greenyes] Zero Waste at the Sierra Club Summit Conference

Hi GRRN, CRRA, Loma Prieta Conservation Committee and other ZW Sierra
Club activists

I have been trying to find a time and place for interested club members
to during next weeks Sierra Club Summit in San Francisco. I think I
a time that should not conflict with delegate responsibilities, sessions
and the EQST meeting. Sierra Club staff has arranged for us to have a
room in Sierra Club headquarters building, Joshua Tree Room from 12:00
noon to 1:30 on Friday, September 9, 2005.

The Sierra Club office is about 3 blocks from the Moscone Convention
Center. And since lunch is on our own we can grab food on the way to
office. I will try to have a sign for Zero Waste right in front of the
registration desk so we can meet by 11:45 and walk to the office

An alternative that I won't know will get it until Thursday is to try to
get some tables in the cafe section of the convention center. If this
can happen I hope to get the meeting noticed on the main convention
center notice boards. At any rate, if the TV monitors are listing
various activities, please keep checking for a meeting location. It
are not set up, I will try to bring and leave notices with the
staffing the registration desk.

The purpose of this meeting is to see who might be interested in serving
on a national level Zero Waste Committee, willing to work through the SC
process for creating new committees (or sub-committees) and to discuss
the first year goals of the committee.

Just to get us thinking, here are a couple of things we could put on the
first year work plan:

Sierra Club Zero Waste Policy
Zero Waste Meeting Guidelines
Introducing Zero Waste to the Chapters and Groups
Getting Zero Waste Information onto SC National website
Getting Zero Waste into Chapter Political Endorsement Processes
Sharing existing Zero Waste documents and action plans

If you think you want to attend this meeting let me know so I will have
general headcount.


Ann Schneider
Loma Prieta Chapter (South & West San Francisco Bay Area)
Zero Waste Chair
Mtn. View, CA
650 962-0404

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I remember seeing an e-mail that the Zero-wasters were planning on
getting together at the Summit. Is that still happening, and can I come
too? When and where? There are a lot of side meetings and I want to
have some of this planned out early.
The EQST will come together on Friday from 5:00 pm to 6:30 in the
Yosemite Rm, but we will not have a fixed agenda, so far.

Looking forward to meeting you there.

Roger Diedrich
Chair, EQST

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