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[greenyes] Innovative Zero-Waste Resource Park Will Come to Sunrise Coast

Linking local business & the community


Innovative Zero-Waste Resource Park Will Come to Sunrise Coast

6th September 2005: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

In three days of community meetings, the charity Suffolk CONNECT gathered
support, without opposition, for a proposed resource development park in
Lowestoft. As well as local people, specialists from as far away as America attended
to contribute to the consultations. One participant in the meeting with
statutory authorities commented that further persuasion would be âpushing on an open

Suffolk Connect received total funding of Â117,500 from Defraâs Waste
Partnership Fund, the East of England Development Agency and the Environment Agency
to undertake the initial feasibility study and development work for the
resource park, and it will now gather further funding to purchase the land and build
the project. It is expected to be an international model for preventing
landfilling and pollution by developing businesses and jobs.

The Zero-Waste Centre will receive a complete range of discarded materials
from businesses and trades, then process them for reuse and recycling. It will
divide materials into 12 master categories, with many subcategories according
to market needs. The processed products will be available for immediate
resale in their current state or for use as manufacturing feedstocks. The Centre
will be owned and operated on behalf of the community and will rent out
operational space to small and medium-sized social enterprises, charities, and private
companies. It will also provide training, environmental classrooms, and
other community amenities.

âIt is heartening to have received such solid support not only from statutory
authorities, but also from businesses and community organisations,â said
Maxine Narburgh, Research and Development Officer of Suffolk Connect. â
Participants have already formed a working group to keep the project moving. Since the
community is so enthusiastic, we will act as quickly as we can.â

The land is available and, after it has been purchased, the Centre will be
located on 15 acres of industrially zoned greenfields in Lowestoft, with the
potential to expand. Some of the participating enterprises will locate their
operations at the Centre, while others will take their resources elsewhere for

According to Richard Anthony of Richard Anthony and Associates, a California
consulting firm analyzing the projectâs feasibility, âOne of the beautiful
aspects of this development is that it can include large, medium, and small
enterprises to develop the entire supply of materials.â

Tim Abbott, Chief Executive of Suffolk Connect, said, âWe were apprehensive
about finding a consulting team with enough practical experience to develop a
leading-edge facility.â The consultants are an international collection of
advisors, entrepreneurs, and statutory authorities with experience in designing
and managing all aspects of the proposed facility. Mr. Abbott said, âWe are
delighted with their result. This Centre will establish a model to be
replicated in other areas of Suffolk County as well as in Norfolk County, Essex, and


Some enterprises have already expressed interest in locating at the Centre.
These include an entrepreneur who collects and resells still-useful
construction wood, and an interested businesswoman who operates a mobile program taking
a collection of creepy-crawly animals and bugs to schools that will engage
childrenâs imaginations while teaching about composting and recycling.

On a larger scale, a major construction firm now burns much of its
post-construction material but would prefer to recycle it if costs are low enough and
convenience high enough, and a contractor would like to bring unwanted materials
as well as to purchase old doors and windows for historic renovation.

In addition to this, community service organisations and charities have
expressed interested in the prospects for jobs, job training, new business
development, and the expected economic multiplier effects.

âBest of all,â said Ms. Narburgh, âthis facility will reduce pressure on our
remaining landfills and prevent siting new ones, while it creates jobs in an
entirely new vision of development. This is the way forward for resources.â



Maxine Narburgh
Research & Development Officer

12 Grove Road, Lowestoft, NR32 1EB

Mobile: 07919 882701

Notes to Editors

1. The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) is working
in partnership with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
(Defra) in England to manage the Waste Partnership Fund.

The Waste Partnership Fund will give away Â3 million in grants to community
groups before the end of March 2006.

Waste Partnership Fund
Tel: 0870 036 1000
Email: waste@no.address

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