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Re: [greenyes] cost for hauling commercial recyclables

I have to agree with Michael. To provide incentive to recycle, many cities either through permit or contract will require haulers to offer recycling at a reduced rate, which can be subsidized in many ways. In So Cal we struggle with EXTREMELY cheap landfill space, making the actual cost of recycling most products more expensive than landfilling....this is a sad situation. Let me qualify by saying that over all I think most of us will agree that the low landfill rates, don't even come close to the true cost of managing the life of a landfill, or the cost to replace the buried resources. I think that over our lifetime we will pay many times for landfilled products both in our taxes and in the increasing cost of producing products

Judi Gregory

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Since when was recycling free? It may be perceived as free, because the
charge is buried in the cost of garbage, but it certainly isn't free.

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I'm curious about the cost for businesses to recycle in other jurisdictions.
Recycling is usually free to residents but I guess that is not always the
case for businesses.

Two of the cities in the county do their own hauling and provide businesses
with unlimited free recycling of mixed paper and containers. Other county
jurisdictions (all of which contract with Waste Management for business
hauling) allow two 64-gallon carts of free recycling pickup and businesses
need to pay if they want more.

I'd be interested in hearing about other cities and counties, especially in

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