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[greenyes] Disaster Relief Specialists Needed in FL and MS

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Public Assistance Specialists Needed

We are hiring Public Assistance Coordinators and Project Officers. Applicants must have an in-depth working knowledge of disaster relief laws, regulations, and Public Assistance programs and recovery roles of government and the private sector. They must have working knowledge of Project Worksheets preparation and validation, environmental and flood plain regulations, insurance requirements, Preliminary Damage Assessment, and 406 Mitigation. They must also be capable of officiating at public meetings and managing support staff. Leadership, management, communication, organizational, interpersonal, and cognitive skills are required.

Minimum Qualifications to apply include participation in at least 2 previous disasters, attending Scoping Meetings and FEMA State PA meetings.

If qualified, please send resume to <mailto:apply@no.address>apply@no.address or fax resume to 941-342-1720 or apply through <>

Thank you,

Michelle Harvey
Solid Resources Inc.
Fax: 941-379-0946

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