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[greenyes] Alert 449: Special request for help ... comments needed against proposed garbage dump expansion

One of the amusing aspects of this--or it would be amusing if not for the serious consequences--is that N.C. Vasuki, 30-year head of the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, travels the world collecting awards and telling other how to manage their wastes.....


Green Delaware Alert #449
(please post/forward)

Every person's comments are needed NOW to oppose expansion of the toxic, defective, Cherry Island garbage dump

Please send comments before the afternoon of Monday, October 3, 2005, to Robert.Haynes@no.address

Comments are also needed from New Jersey residents

September 29, 2005

Dear Green Delaware members and supporters:

Most of you already know that the Delaware (we call it the "Dirty") Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) wants to expand the notorious Cherry Island garbage dump on the Delaware River in the City of Wilmington. It would like, eventually, to pile garbage 300 feet high.

The same Dirty Authority is trying hard to avoid meaningful recycling programs because it wants every ton of garbage it can get.

A public hearing on this expansion proposal was held some weeks ago and the official public comment period closes on Monday, October 3, 2005.

The Dirty Authority has had the same management team in place since 1976 and has accumulated lots of money and political power--which it uses in the most unscrupulous and self-serving manner.

For example, it employs a top-level corporate PR firm, Sam Waltz and Associates, who received $62,939.45 from the Dirty Authority in FY 2003. Mr. Waltz has had his employees, clients, and other associates--without disclosing the relationship--send in "public comment" letters to state regulators promoting the dump expansion and (even more undesirable) garbage incineration.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent to mislead the people of Delaware into thinking the Dirty Authority is serious about recycling.

The Dirty Authority also employs lobbyist Ned Davis, whose firm was paid $13,500 dollars in FY 2003, to influence Delaware legislators, and probably other elected officials, in favor of the selfish interests of the Dirty Authority.

Governor Ruth Ann Minner, who appoints the members of the Authority Board and designates its Chair, has ignored all requests to appoint community representatives and persons familiar with waste management issues to the Board. The Board remains dominated by political hacks; some have served since the 1970s.

Numerous organizations, especially those supposedly representing the low-income "environmental justice" communities closest to the garbage dump, have remained silent. We believe organizations receiving state funds have "gotten the word."

The Editorial Board of The News Journal, Delaware's most influential paper, has been promoting the schemes of the Dirty Authority but has declined to meet with the "other side."

Under these circumstances, YOUR VOICE IS MUCH NEEDED.

If you have not yet done so, please send in comments against the dump expansion. This is not at all hard to do:

Comments can go by email to the Hearing Officer, Mr, Robert Haynes, at Robert.Haynes@no.address Please send copies to Green Delaware (greendel@no.address) and Governor Minner (leann.walling@no.address). (Request a return receipt if your email program has this capability.)

At a minimum, all you need to say is:

"A permit should not be granted allowing expansion of the Cherry Island Landfill."

The cost of the proposed project is over sixty million dollars and this should preferably be spend on waste reduction and recycling.
Some other points are mentioned below.

Please forward this email to others who might be willing to comment.

Comments on behalf of organizations have extra impact.

Note that the Cherry Island garbage dump has also been a nuisance across the Delaware River in the State of New Jersey. People living near the river in Salem County have literally been "stunk out of their homes," and authorities have claimed to be helpless because the problem comes from Delaware.

Comments from New Jersey residents would be very helpful.

For more information see or contact Green Delaware (information below).

From a press release:
The Cherry Island garbage dump, operated by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, is a world-class example of how NOT to dispose of garbage (municipal waste):

o It has no liner to protect the groundwater under it;
o It is right on the banks of the Delaware River and might fall in someday;
o It produces huge quantities of "landfill gas;"
o It harms the health and quality of life of nearby residents in two states;
o It is a gross example of "environmental injustice" or "environmental racism;"

o Its so bad that even DSWA contractors are opposing the expansion.

Green Delaware and the Let My People Coalition want the dump repaired (so it doesn't continue to poison residents, pollute air and water, and threaten to fall into the Delaware River) but not expanded.
Green Delaware is a community based organization working on environment and public health issues. We try to provide information you can use. Please use it. Do you want to continue receiving information from Green Delaware? Please consider contributing or volunteering. Reach us at 302.834.3466, greendel@no.address,, Box 69, Port Penn, DE, USA, 19731-0069

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