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RE: [greenyes] Mercury in the waste stream: Targeting fluorescent lamps

At 07:33 AM 8/3/2005 -0500, Maine, Bruce wrote:
Good morning, Alan.
Our office recycles approximately 800 fluorescent tubes a year. We simply re-use the original tube packaging and are able to safely secure about fifty spent tubes per box. Our recycler charges us 23 cents a bulb.

Seems viable, do you know any details of what he or she actually does with them?

Delaware should have regulations about storage prior to shipment.

Years ago we had considered a bulb crusher but it seems to me that one is creating a hazardous waste where a universal waste previously existed. And, some states have strict regulations regarding their use or do not allow them at all.

I am pretty certain that a bulb crusher would create a cloud of Hg vapor.

Enviro interests have been active in promoting Fl. lamps for energy savings, and rightly so, but I think we are quite guilty of not adequately addressing disposal of the lamps themselves. For instance, there is seldom any meaningful information on the packaging. This needs to change. And takeback at points of sale seems indicated.....


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