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RE: [greenyes] Editorial: Holy Grail for Zero Waste is EPR

Bill & Helen,

I can't say enough good things about this Editorial and the Product Policy Institute's (PPI)report - Having had the pleasure to work with both Bill Sheehan and Helen Speigelman on the EPR Working Group some years ago, they inspired the inclusion of language supporting federal legislation for EPR into the Policy Resolutions of the Consumer Federation of America who's members' members total in excess of 50 million consumers across the United States including such noteworthy membership as Consumers' Union who co-introduced the policy resolution and the PIRGs (NYPIRG co-introduced the resolution with CU). Again following in the footsteps of PPI's thoughtful analysis and with their review, the NYC Council is currently considering a municipal bill (Intro. 643 of 2005) to mandate electronics EPR in our City of 8.5 million residents (the conservative number of the 2000 census). To date, the support from our local NYC Zero Waste Campaign has been fully on-board. We hope that PPI can
continue to put together the type of thoughtful analysis that pushed Zero Waste forward throughout North America, the Western Hemisphere and the whole planet.

Thanks Lady and Gent.


Timothy J.W. Logan
Lead Organizer, NYC Zero Waste Campaign

P.S. This editorial has been making the rounds in NYC for a number of days now.

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