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RE: [greenyes] GRRN is on the move toward Zero Waste Communities

CONGRATULATIONS Eric and Welcome to your new ED and new board members.
Sounds like an exciting program. We look forward to working with you in the
remainder of 2005 and 2006.

CRI wishes you well!!!

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Subject: [greenyes] GRRN is on the move toward Zero Waste Communities

GRRN Takes Zero Waste in a New Direction for the Coming Decade.
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It?s one thing to talk about Zero Waste, it?s another thing to do it.

In communities across the country?from Palo Alto to New York?zero
waste policies are being deliberated and adopted by local
governments. In addition, campaigns for increased recycling, producer
responsibility, anti-incinerator struggles, and environmental justice
are numerous, but frequently they are without connection to a larger
vision and movement.

In order for these small campaigns and disparate struggles to take
hold in a deeper way and to spread to other parts of the country,
residents, activist and governments need to develop a clearer
message, use a common language, and have a deeper understanding of
the components of a Zero Waste Community.

Therefore GRRN is launching a whole new approach for Zero Waste in
the coming decade; GRRN?s Zero Waste Communities Program will train and
support emerging leaders and practitioners by providing the skills,
technical knowledge, examples, and assistance they need to move
beyond recycling and begin implementing zero waste programs and
practices in their communities.

In Spring of 2006 GRRN will invite community activists addressing
environmental health and justice in local communities, as well as
government staff who have access and influence with policy makers, to
participate in a one-year training program to move beyond recycling
and implement Zero Waste on a community level. GRRN will recruit
participants from both larger cities and small communities throughout
the U.S. in order to ?seed? the zero waste idea and ?mainstream? it.

Zero Waste is a big vision- one that can only be realized if the
number of people working on it grows from the tens to the hundreds
and then the thousands.

Exciting new changes at GRRN include:

* Eric Lombardi, Executive Director of Eco-Cycle in Boulder, Colorado
is the new GRRN President;
* Linda Christopher is the new Executive Director of GRRN, which is based
in Oakland, California.
And new additions to the Board include:
* Monica Wilson, the U.S. Organizer for GAIA, the Global Alternatives
to Incinerators Alliance
* Carly Weir, Executive Director, Summit Recycling Project in Frisco,
* Martin Bourque, Executive Director, Ecology Center in Berkeley,

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