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[greenyes] Climate Disruption - CA Gov. Schwarzenegger Takes Position

NEW YORK TIMES - June 2, 2005
Schwarzenegger Issues Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gases
SAN FRANCISCO, June 1 - Speaking to hundreds of international leaders
gathered here for the United Nations World Environment Day, Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger announced a plan to reduce California's contribution to gases
that many scientists believe cause global warming.
Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, outlined his ambitious goals on Wednesday
in a three-tiered Environmental Action Plan intended to reduce California's
greenhouse gas emissions in less than five years to less than the levels in
The plan calls for the further reduction of emissions by 2020 to less than
the levels produced in 1990, and for the reduction, by 2050, of emissions to
80 percent less than the levels in 1990.
"I say the debate is over," Mr. Schwarzenegger told about 500 guests,
including mayors from more than 70 cities from around the world invited to
hear the announcement at City Hall. "We know the science. We see the threat,
and we know the time for action is now."
The plan unveiled by the governor on Wednesday, which is not binding, will
rely in part on requirements already outlined by a 2002 state law that
required the state Air Resources Board to develop a plan by this year to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions from noncommercial vehicles. However, the
plan was criticized as having no enforcement mechanisms, and some scientists
have said it does not go far enough.
Some international advocates of climate change who had gathered in San
Francisco, the first United States city to ever host the U.N. conference,
said the governor's plan sends a clear signal to the international community
that many American elected officials support the effort to resolve global

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