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Re: [greenyes] Recycling Marching Song

Yeah, I wrote it.

Stephan Pollard <sp@no.address> wrote:Nice job Karl! Did you put this together? If not, do you know who did?


Karl Zehr wrote:
Recycling Marching Song- Goes to Soldier marching song ?I don?t know but I?ve been told? Say one line then, kids repeat it. Then, say the next line, and they do the same.

I don?t know but I?ve been told

Our garbage is worth more than gold

When we recycle our trash

We get so much more than cash

Aluminum cans don?t throw em away

So, in the ground the bauxite will stay

School paper, newspaper, and cardboard

You?ll get more trees as a reward

I would never ever pass

A chance to recycle some glass

Keep spinning the real recycling wheel

By recycling some steel

Rotten food can be icky and gross

But you can turn it into compost

I just get estatic

>From the good I?m doing when I recycle plastic

Not all plastic you?re able to

Recycle, No, just number one and two

When you add it, it comes to a great big sum

Recycle to save where recyclables are from

Water, energy, landfill space, and trees

Recycling saves them, so recycle please

Global warming, air and water pollution

Recycling reduces these. It?s the solution.

Help the Waste Wizard recycle waste

Sort out recyclables in the bin where they should be placed

We all aren?t recycling enough

But we can help by recycling our stuff

Our garbage in year could go from the Earth to the Moon

So, what can we do to make it less very soon?

Use reusable containers when you can

Sounds like a terrific plan

Other countries throw away less than we do

You?re not throwing that in the trash, are you?

Recycling also helps the farm

For nature to help it with all its magic and charm

So, we will recycle the forevermore

For the whole world there is to explore

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