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[greenyes] Sorry RE: [greenyes] Recycling Detective Investigation 3

Sorry, maybe I did overreact. I guess I just didn't like repeated responses to something that I thought other people on this list about recycling would enjoy as a reason to leave the list. And having that immediately with the exclamation point like it was so horrible you had to put up with one more email from me. And repeatedly done when the directions to do this are right on the website. But John didn't implicitly direct anything towards me, and I did and I'm sorry. And sometimes I get annoyed at people's annoyance at small insignificant things when there's people in the world that have real problems. But whatever. I'm sorry. It was uncalled for. I'll remove myself.

Wayne Turner <WAYNET@no.address> wrote:


Doesn't this constitute a flagrant abuse of GreenYes netiquette and
therefore justification to remove Mr. Zehr from further participation on
this list?



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