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Re: [greenyes] Recycling Urban Legends

I have one, sort of, it was a statement made by Virginia House of Delegates Clarence "Bud" Phillips. He stated that the legislature had a study preformed by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality that found Recycling was not cost effective.

He could not produce the study when it was requested of him. The person that I spoke with from the VA DEQ advised that there never was a study to their knowledge.

Would that be considered an Urban Legend or just politics as usual?

Buford Hill
aka Garbage Man

Roger Guttentag <rgutten@no.address> wrote:
Dear List members:

I have an interest in seeing what exists on the Net in regard to the subject of recycling urban legends. One that was suggested to me by Pam Swingle at USEPA concerns what can be redeemed for aluminum can tabs. I would appreciate any other examples that can be contributed. If I can find enough useful content / examples, I plan to write about them in a future Recycling in Cyberspace column.

Roger Guttentag

Buford Hill
aka: Garbage Man
Recycle, Garbage is a terrible thing to Waste.
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