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Re: [greenyes] Recycling around the world

Thanks for the heads-up, John. As usual, the press largely ignores recycling efforts outside the OECD. The example from Senegal, I guess meant to represent the situation in all developing countries, would only apply in some Latin America & Caribbean countries. For example, the situation in Brazil, even regulation-wise and regarding industrial-level recycling, is much different. Funny that the article did not mention that Brazil is a world leader in recycling aluminum cans and now recycles more PET than most European counrties.....

I am also surprised to see that they do not mention Canada, where so many important recycling examples can be found.

BTW, I think I would differ with the authors about the US situation. I'm not convinced that EPA is actually leading.


Reindl, John wrote:

There's an interesting article on recycling in the UK, the EU and selected other countries around the world on the BBC web page today at John

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