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Re: [greenyes] Help a city set up a composting system

Amy -

As you have no doubt discovered from the Mass DEP site, they have a (somewhat outdated) list of composting sites on their website.

This site is an excellent place to start, as would talking to Sumner Martinsen at DEP. You just missed their Composting Summit, but there's also a Mid Atlantic Composting Association Meeting coming up ( in September. This event would undoubtedly provide numerous networking and learning experiences.

Once you find the list, identify smaller/similar communities with composting programs and talk to them. Find out what works and what doesn't. There should be plenty of smaller municipal sites to gain experience from.

Hope this is useful.

Matthew Cotton
Integrated Waste Management Consulting
19375 Lake City Road
Nevada City, CA 95959
(530) 265-4560
Fax (530) 265-4547

On Jun 28, 2005, at 7:53 AM, Amy Bauman wrote:

Hello all -

I'm a bit out of my normal game this morning ... trying to help a small
(10,000) city set up a composting yard. Does anyone know of a smaller city
that has recently taken on the task?

I need to find out about collection methods, methane production / capture,
volumes, and equipment, scalability, etc.

Any contact information would be appreciated. I'm currently perusing Mass
DEP's Organics site (, for anyone
who's interested) for some basic information. But I think I really need to
talk to a municipality who has been through the process.


Amy Bauman

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