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[greenyes] Mrs. Inahurry and the Amazing Trash Converter

RE: Recycling play for elementary school children

For those of you on this listserve who work with elementary school children,
you might be interested in knowing about a play titled "Mrs. Inahurry and
the Amazing Trash Converter" by Jim Farrell. It was performed as an Earth
Day play at Tryon Elementary School in Tryon, NC in 2001. Mrs. Inahurry, as
the name implies, is way too busy to think about recycling. As the play
opens she and her two children are hurling and dragging trash to the curb on
their way to running an impossible number of errands. Their neighbors are
conscientious recyclers and eventually take the opportunity to introduce the
Inahurry family to the benefits of recycling. The play runs approximately 15
minutes and includes a song titled "Energy."

A CD-ROM containing songs, sound effects, script, photos of costumes and
props, and suggestions from the author is available. For more information
go to or email: scripts@no.address
Jim has written another kids play with an environmental theme titled
"Animals Have Feelings Too."

Patricia Franklin
Executive Director
Container Recycling Institute
1601 North Kent Street, Suite 803
Arlington, VA 22209-2105
TEL: 703.276.9800
FAX: 703.276.9587
EMAIL: pfranklin@no.address

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