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[greenyes] May e-conference for solid waste educators/communicators

Sorry for cross-postings.

>>> "Wiedel, Victoria J." <VWiedel@no.address> 04/01/2005 8:36:09 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to let everyone know of a new
training opportunity that SWANA is producing during the first three
Wednesdays in May. It's their first "E-Conference," which means you
take advantage of professional development without having to leave
office! All you need is a phone and computer with an Internet

The Communications, Education and Marketing Techinical Division has
developed the sessions for solid waste professionals who may not have
training in education, public relations, etc. (but need these skills
their jobs). More information can be found at:

You can attend one, two or all three days (and the conference
are available separately if you cannot attend the live sessions). A
online message board ( has been
created so e-conference attendees can still interact even though we
will be
in different states.

Please forward this message to any other people you feel might be
interested, including state solid waste associations, local SWANA
or other email list services.

Thank you!
Victoria Wiedel
Public Information Coordinator
Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, IL

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