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[greenyes] plastic bottle frustrations

Dear Recycling Compadres,

I am currently working on setting up an institutional recycling program and am frustrated that there is no way to easily compact the empty plastic bottles with lids on them, i.e. most of the bottles that we expect from this public institution will have lids on them.

The end result is hauling lots of air. Not energy or cost efficient to say the least.

Here's some suggestions I thought of to our cyber recycling-community:

encourage a manufacturing company to design and produce a smaller auger model that would be suitable to the volumes of PET coming out of a large institutional program (malls, universities, airports etc.)

encourage the bottle industry to produce PET bottles with a weakness in them that would break the bottle with the amount of psi exerted by a typical compacting unit.

Other suggestions?


Corri Beth Gottesman
3R Consulting
Recycle Reduce Reuse
tel: 215-753-6553 fax 215-753-6533

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