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[greenyes] SUV Redux

At the risk of dragging out this rumination on SUVs one day too long, Mark
Snyder opins:

"However, I think history has shown that attempting to shame people into
changing their behavior has not been a terribly effective strategy for
the most part. And I think that's part of the point that Chris was
trying to make."
Finally I get a chance to show the optimistic side of my psyche.

When I was a kid in NYC in the 50s -- this was when Humphrey Bogart, with
his trademark cigarette, still reigned as the arbiter of cool -- I can still
remember being at an off Broadway show when someone lit up next to us. An
irate woman in the row in front opened her purse, took out some sort of
aerosol bottle and squirted the smoker in his face. My jaw dropped at her
chutzpah because I had never seen such a thing before and could not even
imagine how someone could stand up against the smokers' juggernaut.

But, less than 20 years later, when I leave public buildings here in
Wisconsin, I see the presidents, vice-presidents, or mayors or other
important personages huddled outside in Wisconsin's cold and brutal winters
furtively grabbing their nicotine fix. Or look at what's happened in terms
of societal attitudes towards women.

Things change. Shit happens. Worlds turn.

Oh, I am not disparaging Chris's practical wisdom...he has a valid point.

But, some things in one's life, and energy policies interconnections with
Climate Disruption are one of them, just loom to large to descend into sweet
but meaningless twaddle.

And, though, as Chris says, the odds are not high. They are NOT zero. And
that battle has to be joined if we are to have even a remote chance of
pulling through.

I have a 7 year old boy (as Chris with his three and every other parent on
this list) who I would give my life for. Well, the world we leave him and
his generation is at risk (not that we know how rising CO2 levels will play
themselves out other than the risks are extremely high of their being not

To me that says I need to reach high enough to have a chance of making a
difference. Just feeling good about window dressing does not cut my

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