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[greenyes] Perchance to Dream

I had a dream the night before last that may resonate with many on this

Someone who works for some environmental agency surreptitiously called me to
his office where, furtively, looking over his shoulder, he showed me a memo
from President Bush instructing them to cease any more enforcement actions.
I asked him if he could make a copy of it for me, and as he returned from
the copier, he was shot at by a sniper through the window. I quickly yanked
him down to the floor and, breathing frantically, we slinkered out, bolted
to my car, and, in a hale of bullets, drove careening down the street,
crashing through the check point, out onto the highway, barely escaped an
all but certain death.

But, that's not the really funny part.

Last night, I was at the Imperial Gardens Chinese Resturant with my mom, and
told her about my dream. Anyway -- shades of Wells' War of the Worlds
broadcast--she must not have heard the preface about this just being a
dream. Wide eyed, she asked me, "Were we alright?"

Fiction is stranger than truth (or is that the other way around)!


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