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Re: [greenyes] Responding to listings

sorry - this is a non-recycle note - process, not content:

Alot of these problems have to do with local settings on individual computers' email programs for things like Wrap Text, where replies are placed (beginning or end of message), HTML vs. plain text, size of message, etc. Plus, some companies like AOL will automatically cut off message trails when their subscribers reply to messages (keeps the size of message and thus overall net bytes down on their system) -- but is incredibly annoying when you do want to read the trail of discussion before the current posting. Some programs like Hotmail end up doing some of the chunking Janine describes because of window sizing and wrap text stuff I don't really understand.

If someone understands this better than I, and can give instructions re how to set settings in Outlook, Netscape, and the multiplicity of other email programs we all use, that would help.

amy perlmutter wrote:

I totally agree. I do find value in reading what the responder is replying
to, but there is no need to include the full chain of communication that's
been going on over the days. It's too hard to read through and find the new
stuff. I'd certainly appreciate it if people could do some editing before
hitting the reply button. Chris- isn't that supposed to be part of the
greenyes netiquette?

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 16:14:26 -0700
To: <greenyes@no.address>
From: "Janine Bogar" <Bogarj@no.address>
Subject: too much repeat info
Message-Id: <s25bf413.040@no.address>

Hey there, administrator.
I would be far more inclined to read my greenyes e-mails if it was
easier to read.

I have to repeatedly scroll through the same articles and responses to
articles and responses to responses to articles, each one containing cut
and pastes (with the annoying fragmenting that occurs with same) of the same articles and responses to articles and responses to
responses to articles, etc. (I'm trying to illustrate my point a bit
here: how did I do?)

Is that the way it is supposed to be or is just my computer?
Frequently, I don't even get all of the subjects that are supposed to be
included in the day's postings because there is so much fragmented

If it's not just my computer, does it bother others or am I the only

And either way - my computer or the whole thing - is there something
that can be done? What if people were instructed to not cut and paste
that to which they are replying?

Thanks for your consideration and the service you are providing -

Janine Bogar
Education & Outreach Specialist
Thurston County Solid Waste
921 Lakeridge Drive SW
Olympia WA 98502
phone: (360) 357-2498
fax:(360) 754-4682
e-mail: bogarj@no.address

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