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[greenyes] Chinese People Protest Pollution


April 14, 2005
Rural Chinese Riot as Police Try to Halt Pollution Protest

EIJING, April 13 - Thousands of people rioted Sunday in a village in
southeastern China, overturning police cars and driving away officers who
had tried to stop elderly villagers from protesting against pollution from
nearby factories, witnesses said Wednesday.
By Wednesday afternoon, the witnesses say, crowds convened in the village,
Huaxi, in Zhejiang Province to gawk at a stunning tableau of destroyed
police cars and shattered windows. Police officers were reported to be
barring reporters from the scene, but local people reached by telephone said
villagers controlled the riot area.
"The villagers will not give up if there is no concrete action to move the
factories away," said a Mr. Lu, a villager who said he had witnessed part of
the confrontation. "The crowd is growing. There are at least 50,000 or
60,000 people." He would not give his full name.
Other villagers gave substantially smaller crowd estimates. But they agreed
on the broad outlines of a clash that came after villagers say they had
tried in vain for two years to curb pollution from chemical plants in a
nearby industrial park.

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