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[greenyes] Join US Mayors Climate Protection

Do you think your City or Mayor might be interested in this?? Read on
and encourage your city to join in if you are so inclined!
Seattle is getting a fair bit of the future reduction in green house
gases from it's new agressive recycling programs/bans. We used the EPA
WARM model to assist in the calculations.
Jenny Bagby
City of Seattle

On February 16, the day the Kyoto Protocol became binding for the 141
nations that have signed it, Seattle Mayor Nickels announced a nation
wide campaign of mayors who, through the US Mayors Climate Protection
Agreement, are calling for greater national and state leadership to
reduce global warming pollution in the US and who are striving to meet
or exceed Kyoto Protocol targets in their own cities. Eight other
mayors of cities big and small joined his call for action.

Mayors who sign the agreement are:
- Urging the federal and state governments to do more to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions and strive to meet the Kyoto protocol targets
(for the US, it was 7% below 1990 levels by 2012)
- Urging Congress to pass the Climate Stewardship Act;
- Agreeing to strive to meet or exceed Kyoto protocol targets in their
own communities.

The Agreement, in the form of a US Conference of Mayors Resolution,
will be voted on at the USCM meeting in Chicago, June 10 - 14. To date,
54 Mayors have signed on - our goal is 141 Mayors before early May. You
can go to to see if your mayor is
one of these leaders. If not, please encourage your Mayor to sign on.
The full text of the Agreement is available on the Web site, too.
Contact Kim.drury@no.address for more information.

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