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[greenyes] We All Live in an Insane Asylum

[Verily, we live in an insane asylum...the utter lunacy of pushing to
eliminate incentives for energy efficient cars, while at the very same time
leaving untouched tax breaks that make a business's lease of a 4 ton tank
cost less than motor scooter, is off the charts. - peter]

Safety in danger at WTO

Nick Mathiason
Sunday April 17, 2005
The Observer

Crucial health and environmental safeguards, established over many years,
could be scrapped at world trade negotiations next week.
More than 70 countries are trying to use World Trade Organisation talks to
dismantle legislation that encourages, among other things, fuel efficiency
in cars and home appliances.

Countries including the US, Japan, Korea and Bulgaria have challenged the
rules as part of the current WTO round.

Rules affected include labelling of food and hazardous chemicals, and
restrictions on forestry exports.

The US wants to scrap vehicle tax incentives to encourage motorists to drive
smaller vehicles; Korea wants to end labelling of energy-efficient
electrical goods.

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