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[greenyes] Local Recycled Paper Sources

Conservatree lists virtually all the environmental papers available in North
America on our website, along with the mills that make them so that paper
buyers can find out who distributes them in their area. But this works best
for people buying in large quantities. We also have many individuals
contacting us asking where to find the papers in their local communities. So
we want to build a set of pages that drills down to that local level as much
as possible.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'd like to start by finding out about any
local listings you might already have or know of. Does your local government
have a listing of recycled paper sources on its website? If so, what is the
URL? Is there a printed guide? If so, how could I get hold of it?

I'm still figuring out what the local source pages will look like, but I
would expect that we would link to any listings already available on other
websites, and ask permission to reprint on our website any guide listings
that are only in print.

Thanks for leads and info!

Susan Kinsella
Executive Director
San Francisco
paper@no.address, seek@no.address

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