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[greenyes] Non Profit Recycling Job Opportunity

Check out this great job running an exciting environmental recycling program for an originator of curbside recycling. Please circulate this to your friends and colleagues seeking to find a spot in the Peoples' Republic of Berkeley. Perfect lateral move to the left coast, or out of a government bureaucracy. Also a great opportunity to move up from a supervisor or crew chief position.

Please post to appropriate lists, and if someone can get it on the NRC Nonprofits Recycling Council list that would be much appreciated!

Martin Bourque
Executive Director
Ecology Center

(510) 548-2220 x234
2530 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley CA 94703

Job Announcement
Curbside Recycling Operations Manager

Background: The Ecology Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization under contract with the City of Berkeley to provide curbside recycling services to 36,000 households. In addition to recycling, the Ecology Center operates the Berkeley Farmers Markets, a retail Bookstore and Environmental Resource Center, Farm Fresh Choice a food justice program, and publishes Terrain Magazine.

The Recycling Program: This program seeks to maintain the highest standards of environmental values in the completion of its recycling activities, while pushing the recycling industry to do the same. The Operations Manager will be part of a larger staff engaged in a broad spectrum of environmental education and services.

Position Description: The Ecology Center is looking for an operations manager to run our residential curbside recycling program. Candidates should have strong team building skills, enthusiasm for recycling efforts, strong operational knowledge and experience in truck driving, materials recovery or waste management, equipment maintenance, union engagement, contract compliance, as well as strong administrative and office skills.

Regular Functions Include
: Scheduling and dispatching a crew of drivers and trucks, overseeing collection of materials, receptacle delivery, and customer response; Hiring and training, supervision, disciplining of union crew (IWW) and administrative support staff; Scheduling and overseeing maintenance and repair subcontractor or employed mechanic; Enforcing safety protocols, inspecting accident and injury incidents and engaging insurance and workers compensation agencies as necessary; Providing field inspections and route evaluations; Edit monthly and quarterly reports drafted by administrative staff. See Job Description at for more detail.

Two years supervisory experience preferable in recycling operations or trucking
Strong leadership ability, self motivated, quick learning, and able to work independently
Excellent oral and written communications and strong customer relations abilities
Valid Class B drivers license with excellent driving record
Strong organizational and office skills and basic computer literacy
Knowledge of recycling / solid waste equipment
Experience managing subcontractors
Natural attention to detail
Spanish language proficiency

Salary and Benefits:
Good Non-Profit range salary, excellent benefits, fun and flexible work environment

To apply review the detailed job description at and download application
Submit a completed application form, resume, and cover letter to:
Hiring Committee, 1231 2nd St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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