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Fw: [greenyes] Evangelicals - Threat or Promise

Hello all. I mostly lurk, but wanted to weigh in to agree with Peter. I
think that there are some philosophy fundamentals at work, which we must
understand and become conversant with in order to learn to share our message
and its philosophies. I suspect that it has been mentioned here before, but
a good resource (on language and the underlying philosophies) is George
Lakoff's book, "Don't Think of an Elephant."

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Subject: [greenyes] Evangelicals - Threat or Promise

> Dave and Doug have taken exception to the caption I included as a lead in
> the Rolling Stones article on evangelicals' political plans.
> Dave says he has no intention of turning the other cheek: and Doug says
> has nothing to do with recycling. Briefly in reply--
> CHEEKS. Although I am quite irreligious in the institutional sense, I
> have done quite a bit of reading, because -- notwithstanding the
> to which he has been put-- Jesus is an incredible historic figure in the
> history of social and moral change. In the context of his times, turning
> other cheek was not a meek and passive act...doing so to the Romans was a
> well known showing of defiance, much like Ghandi's salt protest. In
> hindsight, perhaps though I should have better mentioned his use of the
> agape for the basis of a new relationship with former enemies, which is
> usually translated as love, but in Greek really means unconditional love,
> which is something so much more and transcendent. But, at this point, I
> fear digressing too much, and ask anyone who wants to delve into that to
> email me directly.
> RECYCLING. Inasmuch as recycling, except for non-ferrous metals and
> high grade papers, continues to hang on by its tenterhooks, more than 15
> years after the beginning of the modern era of recycling, we have to ask
> if we are going to, ourselves, be sustainable. I believe the answer lies
> the fact that the things we compete against, virgin materials and
> are drastically underpriced because the wrong people have controlled the
> political levers. That is to say, our fate lies in public policy, and in
> that arena, we are today being eaten alive. Unless we delve in to learn
> and act on those lessons, we will be doomed to dwell on the minutia of
> recycling as it inevitably declines over time. Our fate lies in the
> fundamentals of our society not the nuts and bolts of our industry. Note
> that we can ever forget about doing what we can to tighten the screws, but
> not at the expense of forgetting the wider tableau where the things are
> decided that will determine our success. Ditto for what is needed to right
> the ship: we are sinking, not listing, and refining our message doesn't
> begin to reach the depth of our problems: fundamental political changes in
> tectonics are what is needed.
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