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Yes it will have to go global. As I was riding an airplane to go to the Green Team summit with the United Methodist Women, I sat next to a retired packaging salesman. He told me that the reasons factories are moving outside of the US is not just because they can pay workers less. They Also don't have to follow EPA rules.

My 17 year-old daughter says, "Maybe we need to make whole world rules on pollution."

If you are straving, you will take any job you can to feed your family, even if it means pollutioning the environment. We need to get at the root causes of this.

I want to jump in to support Peter's point about why recycling in
America is
still fighting and LOSING ground instead of leading us toward a more
sustainable future. I was there "in the day" for solar in the 70's,
and it
was the same kind of collapse in the 80's and 90's. Why? Because the
price of the alternative is too damn low! I won't call oil or
"competition" since they are a fundamentally different way of living on
planet than what recycling and solar can offer... and that is where the
debate must go. Once we as a society decide what our public policy
are, and maybe we'll just decide that clean air, groundwater and local
economies are important, then we need to "change the rules" so that the
market economics rewards the clean market leaders.

The real revolution to protect our natural places and our children's
is an economic revolution ... what are the rules for making money?
here's the tough part, the Age of Globalization means the new rules
need to
go global.


To recycle the circle needs to be completed. Are your recyclables made into new or useful products?

Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff "Determined as a terrier"

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