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[greenyes] market solutions

Be careful not to punish the solution . . .

The answer may very well be found in the market of commerce. Harness humankind's instinct toward progress, betterment and achievement (stop calling it "corporate greed"). Onerous and often shortsighted regulations stifle many potential solutions. The collection and dumping of garbage is so prevalent today is because entrepreneurs and municipalities worked hard, over many decades, to make it efficient, convenient and profitable. We need to spend our time figuring out how companies can make money providing solar energy, wind power, recycling materials, eco-tourism, clean communities, healthy waterways.  "Profit" can be about a better life and a better world. "Profit" in and of itself is neither good nor bad. It's the activities to produce the profit that can make a positive or negative impact on our world. Perhaps your efforts would produce more fruit if directed toward positive and productive solutions rather than restrictions and penalties. The best thing that government can do is to eliminate the roadblocks for the business activities that support a healthier environment.

It's worth a try. Oh, and by the way, it works!


Dan Weisenbach

direct 614-251-8444


p.s.: I dare you to ask me what the "roadblocks" are --- better yet, what do you think are the hurdles we should eliminate?

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