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Thanks for this interesting link, Doug. I will be visiting your website, looks like it has a lot of analysis of subsidies, which I think are the real culprit.

As far as the EPR link goes -- Unfortunately, Europe once again sets up "Framework" which ignores the total lifecycle. An EPR Producer who replaces plastic packaging with non-toxic, highly marketable, baby seal pelts would score perfectly using this analysis. This is the type of framework bringing the world lead-free solder by replacing the (>85% recycled) lead with (<5% recycled content) tin and silver dredged from coral reefs in Indonesia (which incidentally yield more lead in the mining slag than the amount of lead displaced in solder and lined landfills). Sigh. We need to get past environmental scatology and really address ecosystem health more holistically.$FILE/JT00179671.DOC

From: "Doug Koplow" <koplow@no.address>
Subject: OECD Paper on EPR
Message-Id: <s2405513.032@no.address>

Of possible interest:

Analytical Framework for Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Extended =
Producer Responsibility Programs, March 2005.

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