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Re: [greenyes] SUVs - Bigger and Badder

At 02:37 PM 3/25/2005 -0600, Peter Anderson wrote:
After the collapse of central planning as a social construct, why is there
voice to ring down the curtain on the parallel incoherence of today's free
markets. Not only are we continuing to social engineer the tax code to
subsidize the cost of SUVs so as to make them appear cheaper than sedans,
now we, and push fleet gas mileage down over the past 23 years, as we
confront climate disruption and energy shortages of petroleum, the American
auto industry is adding testosterone to the current line of SUVs to decrease
their gas mileage further, if that were possible.

We be living in a nation gone mad.

But the front page story in last week's Automotive News ( a trade paper, was all about an apparently-permanent, structural decline in the market share of GM and Ford.

Also interesting is the ability of Ford, at least, to harvest kudos from gullible enviro interests for token, meaningless statements when their actual policies are entirely different.

Well, happy Easter? Irreligious as I am, one could argue that this country is in need of some supernatural form of salvation....


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