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Re: [greenyes] RE: [GAIA]ZW goals without incineration?

I would not expect you to agree about the bill's chances, since Greenpeace is such a driving force behind this effort. I certainly wish you well and hope your optimism is warranted. But every environment and waste expert I spoke to during my visit to Buenos Aires in February felt that the bill was unlikely to pass the full CABA legislature in 2005. Surely you know and understand that simply having the support of the Dip. Velasco and the Ecology Committee does not mean passage by the full legislature. If that were true, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires would have a much more developed body of environmental law than it has now....
When you say that there us a new draft, do you mean a new version of PL 2106-04? Or a totally new bill? Either way, would you be willing to send a copy?
Yes, I am aware of the debate at national level over the possible use of WTE -- these proposals are cropping up all over Latin America and the Caribbean, but most disappear after people start asking for details about costs and consequences. It is my work to be aware of such things. Waste policy in Latin America is my primary focus. I may even know of some waste laws, decrees, rodinances and bills ("law projects") in Argentina that you are not yet aware of. For example, do you know of the law in Mendoza and Ordinances in Comodoro Rivadavia and Caleta Olivia prohibiting non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags? The Tucuman ordinance on PET? The new law on household wastes in Misiones? The ecotax in Salto? The battery bills in Buenos Aires Province?
As Ann and some others on GreenYes can attest, I cover many of these issues and developments in the news section of my website, You might be interested in receiving the monthly e-mail summary of that news, which is provided free to anyone entering their information in the spot indicated on the lefthand side of any page in the website. The news summary is not yet offered in Spanish, but should be later this year.
No, I do not live in Argentina, but visit at least once a year (as I do several nations in Latin America) -- I propose that we meet next time I am in Buenos Aires. I am based in the United States.

Estimada Veronica,
No me sorprende que Ud. no está Ud. de acuerdo conmigo sobre el prognóstico para el proyecto de ley, como sé bien que Greenpeace es el motor para esta iniciativa. Le deseo suerte con esta esfuerza y espero que la iniciative merece su optimismo. Pero tengo que decir que todos los expertos argentinos en medio ambiente y residuos con quienes hablé durante mi visita a Buenos Aires en feb. me dijeron que el "proyecto basura cero" probablemente no va a ser aprobado por la legislatura en el año 2005. Supongo que Ud. sabe y entiende bien que simplemente tener la respalda de Dip. Valesco y la Comisión de Ecología no asegura aprobación de la legislatura en plenario. Si fuera el caso, la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires tendría un cuerpo de ly ambiental mucho más amplio y profundo que tiene hoy en dia....
Cuando dice Ud. que existe un nuevo texto, ¿es decir que hay una nueva versión del proyecto de ley 2106-04? ¿O quiere decir que existe un proyecto completamente nuevo? En cualquier caso, ¿podría ser tan amable enviarme una copia?
Si, conozco el debate al nivel nacional sobre la posibilidad de utilizar un proceso de "conversión termica" -- este tipo de propuesta está apareciendo en todo América Latina e el Caribe, pero en mi experiencia la mayoria de ellas desaparecen cuando la gente empiecen a preguntar sobre los detalles sobre costos y consecuecias.
Es mi trabajo saber de esas cosas. La política sobre los residuos en América Latina es mi foco principal. Es posible que conozca de algunos leyes, decretos, ordinanzas y proyectos de ley en Argentina de que no conozce Ud. Por ejemplo, ¿conozce Ud. de la ley de Mendoza y las ordinanzas de Comodoro Rivadavia y Caleta Olivia que prohiben el uso de bolsas de plástico no-biodegradable? ¿De la ordinanza de Tucuman sobre PET? ¿La nueva ley de Misiones sobre residuos domiciliarios? ¿La ecotasa en Salto? ¿Los proyectos sobre pilas en la Provincia de Buenos Aires?
Como Ann y otros en la lista de Greenyes pueden atestar, la mayoria de estas cosas están discutidas en la sección de noticias en mi sitio de Internet, Quizás Ud. tendría interés en recibir el resumen mensual por e-mail de la noticias, que es gratis para cualquiera persona que entra su información en el espacio indicado al lado izquierdo de cualquiera página de Sospecho que sería de interés para Ud., aunque sale en inglés (la versión en español viene mas tarde en 2005).
No, lamentablemente no vivo en Argentina, pero visito a su pais una vez cada año, por lo menos (como visito frecuentamente a varios paises en América Latina). Vivo y trabajo en los EE.UU. Propongo que nos reuinamos durante mi proxima visita a B.A.
Saludos Atentos,

vodriozo@no.address wrote:


I certainly do not agree with your view on the chances of a zerow waste law here
in Buenos Aires. There's a new law draft submitted by the Head of the
Environmental Comission only a few weeks ago and supported by different
political sectors. The Commission already started to discuss all the drafts
this week and it is to legislae on MSW is their declared priority for this year.

On the incineration issue I do agree it does not have high chances mainly
becasue of community opposition that is and has been really strong. However, th
reason why I asked this list for the backround infomration is because some
Representatives fear that this is the way (incineration) other places in the
world are achieving waste diversion goals and that we could face that situation
of not being able to achieve the diversion goals without it. You may not be
aware but some consideration is also being given at the national level to the
use of waste as fuel in energy thermal plants within the city.

There has definetely been progress on this in the last year, including a
resolution on ZW approved last year by the local Parliament.

I don't think the whole list is interested in the details so I'd be happy to
keep on exchanging emails with you about this. Where do you live? Are you
based in Argentina?

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Subject: Re: [greenyes] RE: [GAIA]ZW goals without incineration?

Don't start celebrating just yet. While Greenpeace Argentina
has managed to get the issue on the table for discussion by getting the Zero
Waste bill introduced into the legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos
Aires (CABA), its chances of actual passage are widely considered very slim.
I don't think incineration is considered a serious option for
waste (other than infectious wastes) by most policymakers in CABA.
Given the ecological zoning process now in place in the City, any
incinerator within city limits would be opposed and delayed by years.
And it appears that the surrounding Province of Buenos Aires (PBA) is
unwilling to create an incinerator to receive CABA wastes. Right now there
is a considerable battle over simply replacing the landfill that serves
Keith Ripley

Ann Leonard wrote:

Dear Veronica,

This is quite exciting to hear about Buenos Aires' progress towards
Zero Waste.

There is some information about model Zero Waste resolutions, U.S.
cities with Zero Waste resolutions and other policy-oriented resources
on the GRRN website at:

Keep us posted.

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Subject: [GAIA]ZW goals without incineration?


we are currently persuing a ZW law to be approved in Buenos Aires city.
And I would need to know which of the communities, States, etc., that
have ZW commitments with waste diversion goals have been achieving them
without incineration. I need to compile information on other places
that have ZW goals but without MSW incineration. Could you help me?

Thanks in advance!


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