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[greenyes] Fwd: Job: Leading P2 Planning Program in Washington State

From: "Kennedy, Judith C." <jken461@no.address>
To: "'p2tech@no.address'" <p2tech@no.address>
Subject: Job Announcement: Leading P2 Planning Program in Washington State
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 12:01:28 -0800

The Hazardous Waste Toxics Reduction (HWTR) program of the Washington State Department of Ecology is recruiting for a Environmental Specialist 5 (ES-5) - Pollution Prevention Planning (P3)Coordinator. This is a newly established, full time, permanent position, located at headquarters office in Olympia. Specifics regarding the job duties, responsibilities, and requirements for this position are summarized in the Classification Description found at the end of this message. The application deadline in March 3.

Desirable Competencies, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
This person should have excellent leadership, coordination and project management skills. This position coordinates P3 policy development and activities for the HWTR program. The P3 Coordinator's primary responsibilities involve the oversight of agency responsibilities under the Waste Reduction Act, Chapter 70.95C RCW. This is a program-specialty position that will work with a broad range of stakeholders, both inside and outside the agency. Familiarity with pollution prevention is highly desirable.

Application Process:
To be eligible for this position, applicants must be on the Environmental Specialist 5 register with the Washington State Department of Personnel. If a lateral transfer candidate is not appointed and a referral is called for and you are interested in promoting into this position, you must be reachable on the ES-5 register. If you are not already on this register, you must complete a state application form and take the test on line for placement on the register for the Environmental Specialist 5 job class. The link to the Department of Personnel website to apply for this job class is: <>
To be considered for an interview, please submit the following to me (e-mail and fax copies acceptable):
1. A letter of interest addressing your education and/or experience and how it relates to the duties and competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position;
2. Answer the following three questions within a total length of one page, double-sided.
A) Describe how you motivated a business to go beyond compliance and prevent pollution.
B) Describe a situation where you used your leadership skills to motivate a team, gain team members support, and move a project forward.
C) Tell about a project that you led to a successful completion, and what things you did to make sure it was accomplished on time and met the project goals.
3. A current copy of the ES-5 State application form.
4. A current resume.

Application Deadline:
Interested individuals should submit the items requested above to me (John Ridgway) no later Thursday, March 3, 2005.
If you would like additional information regarding this opportunity, please call me at (360) 407-6713.

Contact Information:
John Ridgway, Supervisor
Information Management and Planning Section
Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction Program
Washington State Department of Ecology
Phone: (360) 407-6713
fax: (360) 407-6715
e-mail: <mailto:jrid461@no.address>jrid461@no.address

Classification Description:

Definition<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

This position coordinates pollution prevention planning (P3) policy development and activities for the Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction (HWTR) program. The P3 Coordinator's primary responsibilities include: oversight of agency responsibilities under the Waste Reduction Act, Chapter 70.95C RCW; coordination of P3 projects; lead in addressing P3 fee-related needs; oversight of P3 information system needs and user policies; advising HWTR management on P3 policies and implementation strategies; preparing legislative reports; facilitating P3 policy refinements; coordination of P3 activities with other agency programs and outside stakeholders; and participating with other pollution prevention work within the program.


Core P3 Lead for HWTR includes: central coordination of all P3-related activities and policy development in HWTR; update and maintain P3 policy manual; oversight of penalty fee work; provide P3 guidance support to regions; assist with headquarter (HQ)/regional consistency; coordinate with Industrial Section in Solid Waste/Financial Assistance Program; oversee data management/measurement/surveys; participate with HWTR Toxics Reduction Network; lead and/or support other P3-based projects and positions in HQ as directed by supervisor. (50%)

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Support includes: development of EMS/Sustainability Hybrid alternatives to P3. This may include: outside contract development/oversight; regulation revision; implementation planning and oversight. (15%)

Data Systems Oversight includes: Work closely with HWTR information technology unit and other staff involved with the collection, maintenance and/or application of P3 data. This includes oversight of data systems assessments / business needs, user needs and system modifications. (10%)

P3 link to Beyond Waste (BW) includes: support BW planning and policy development in relation to existing and potential P3 opportunities; support BW performance measures using P3 data; develop and support options for new P3/BW data and performance measures; support development and implementation of BW incentives in conjunction with P3 tools and opportunities. (10%)

HWTR Pollution Prevention (P2) includes: support to and coordination with P2 activities, policies and/or opportunities within the program and agency. (10%)

Other duties as required. (5%)

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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