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[greenyes] March 19 2005 City Lobby and Candidate Endorsement Workshop

**** Feel free to forward to your friends who care about the environment

Hi CRRA, GRRNers from California, VoterMarch Steering and Sustainable
Mountain View

Its that time again where I try to get a couple of CRRA members, or
GRRNers that live in California, or Sustainable Mountain View folks, or
dag nabbit, some of my friends, to get active in the process of electing
or appointing individuals who will help us move the environmental agenda
forward. I know you are busy but it only takes a couple of hours to help
be part of an interview team and the rewards are truly terrific. You get
to learn more about the city that you live in (or work in), more about
your elected officials and you are helping to make your job easier in
adopting what ever environmental program you are working on.

Now, I know that if you work for a local government agency, that it might
be difficult for you to be involved in an interview team, or lobby team
for that city. But you might consider volunteering to help be part of
the team for the city that you live in, or the city adjacent to the city
you live in. Or you could volunteer to help us with County Supervisor
races, water, sanitary, harbor or open space districts. That should keep
you from getting caught in staff/council politics and still give you the
satisfaction of helping the environment.

Just one day of training and then a couple of hours in August/September
is all time you need to find to help with this worthy cause. Everyone is
welcome to this training. You do not have to be in the three county Loma
Prieta Chapter. We will help match you with Sierra Club political
committee in the chapter where you live or work. Please call or email me
if you have any questions.

And if you'd like to get involved, but can't make the training on the
19th, then let me know. We have a listserve just for people who want to
help with City Watch, City Lobby or endorsement teams and I am happy to
add you to that list. This listserve gets fewer than five emails a month
so you won't be killed by email and you won't be spammed as it is a
closed listserve.

I hope to see you on the 19th. And of course, like any workshop I host,
attendees who stay thru to the end get a chance to win my custom made
birdhouses made from my ol'fence. Isn't that an incentive!


Ann Schneider
Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter (San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Benito
Counties - San Francisco Bay Area)
Political Committee
650 962-0404

Grassroot Action & Candidate Endorsement Workshop

Do you want to make a difference and yearn to do more than just write a
check to a worthy cause? If so, then come to the Sierra Club Loma Prieta
chapter's Political Committee's Candidate Endorsement Training Class on
Saturday, March 19, 2005. The Sierra Club is one of the very few
environmental groups that can actually get involved in helping to elect
candidates that care about the environment.

We are implementing a new program where local volunteers will meet with
elected and appointed officials to discuss specific local environmental
actions. We are calling this new program "City Lobby Days". This
training will include how to speak with elected officials, how to develop
talking points and how to close the deal to bring about new or expanded
local environmental programs. Some of the issues we will be meeting with
local officials about include zero waste goals and implementation plans,
greenhouse gas reductions, solar energy and other global warming actions,
integrated pest management goals - parks and schools, smart growth/infill
development and open space, salt pond restoration, green building and C&D
ordinances and high speed rail for California.

You will also learn how to research candidates' backgrounds, evaluation
their environmental records, conduct endorsement interviews, provide
campaign support, and how to lobby local elected officials.

Chapter level political committees play a key role in the election of
local officials by educating candidates on environmental issues and
endorsing those candidates committed to developing and supporting
environmentally friendly legislation and local policies and programs.

Over 90% of the candidates we endorsed for the November 2004 election won
their races. In the past decade over 70% of candidates endorsed by the
chapter have been elected. The Loma Prieta political committee political
endorsement process is respected by Sierra Club officials as a model for
future endorsement campaigns.

Urgent: We need volunteers who reside in many peninsula and south bay
cities, and a special request for those living in southern Santa Clara
County, San Benito County and coastal areas of San Mateo County.

2005 City Council races include Hollister, Cupertino, Gilroy, Los Altos,
Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Belmont, Millbrae, Burlingame, South San Francisco,
Brisbane, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Mateo and many other Cities as
well Open space and Water Boards. If you live in any of these cities
then we could really use your help and your perspective of incumbents.

When: Saturday March 19, 2005
9:00 am to 5:00 pm - Registration 8:45 am
Where: Peninsula Conservation Center (PCC), 3921 Old Bayshore Rd., Palo
Cost: FREE
Contact: Ann Schneider

Pre-Register by March 11, 2005, please, as we are providing continental
breakfast and lunch. We are limited to 40 people so it is first come
first serve.

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